Getting Closer to the Crisis

[Editor's Note: Thanks to Maggie Von Vogt for this translation. The original Spanish is here.]

Getting Closer to the Crisis

This Sunday a forewarned coup d‚Äô?©tat occurred in Honduras.¬† This was after Manuel Zelaya, went against all the relevant organisms (Congress, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, and Supreme Court) in following his project of the ‚ÄúFourth ballot box‚Äù.¬† It was being promoted as a ‚Äúnon binding democratic poll‚Äù that would serve- according to him- to define if a fourth ballot box would be created for the November elections that would decide if The Constitution would be changed to ‚Äúmake it more flexible‚Äù and at the same time permit his continuance in the government.

During the days preceding the “Opinion Poll” Zelaya began to lose control, first dismissing the Chief of Armed Forces Romero Vazquez Velasquez for not complying with the order to logistically support his project.  This was later overturned by Congress.  No one was stopping his fourth ballot box.

On June 28th, the day that the election was planned for, Zelaya was expelled from the country before concluding the Congresses Special Investigations Commission.¬† The commission revealed that the previous Sunday, as they received the first results of the poll, that he would dissolve Congress and install a new Constitutional Assembly to change the Constitutional Articles 239, 240, 373, 374, 375 (Art??culos P?©treos) and immediately ‚Äútie himself‚Äù to power.

Once out of the country, Zelaya played the role of international victim.  International media only heard his version without first investigating the real reasons for his dismissal:

1. Abuse of power in dismissing the Chief of Armed Forces

2.  Not presenting the 2009 annual budget, which had to be presented September 2008.

3.  Convoking a “poll”, the fourth ballot box, which was not approved by any relevant organism, such as the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

4.  Zelaya had already confronted all the powers of the state, his own party, and the Armed Forces, leaving the country under instable.

Citing Mario Campos, “It seems that the whole world is anxious that Manuel Zelaya goes back to power.  Everyone, minus Hondurans.”

Yozafath Norori – Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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