Honduras judicial and legislative pandemonium

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Honduras judicial and legislative pandemonium



Micheletti’s government has accomplished nothing in favor of democracy. And the elections have no validity. Is it democracy to not allow that people take the streets freely to protest?  Is it democracy to sabotage, harass and close opposition media? Is it democracy to convert a foreign country facility into a jail?  Is it democracy to be part of a corrupt Congress? Is it democracy to obey a Supreme Court that does not follow the Law?


The world is looking at all the abuses committed daily by the spurious government of coupsters.


That the anti-communist coupsters were avoiding a dictatorship have no bases in reality. It is impossible to have a dictatorship with a corrupt Congress against you and a Supreme Court that does not follow the Law also against you. To be a dictator you have to eliminate the opposition, and only the Micheletti’s dictatorship has accomplished that.


Micheletti’s spurious government is the real dictatorship of Honduras.


Zelaya respected the Constitution and proposed at long term a Constitutional Assembly, something absolutely legal and written in the Constitution.


The coupsters were the ones who broke the constitutionality of Honduras and put Honduras in trouble nationally and around the world.


Micheletti never was next in line to replace a president who was not voluntarily absent.


Mr. Alvin Santos was elected precisely to replace Mr. Zelaya whenever and how many times were necessary.  And Mr. Santos was obeying the Constitution in order to be president of Honduras. He was the next in line constitutionally. Couldn’t exist better circumstances, he was running for president and he was elected by the people of Honduras to be president. The Congress, if it not were corrupt, had no other choice but to approve the power of Mr. Santos.  And the Supreme Court, if it would follow the Law, would make clear that the resignation as vice-president was a formality to run for president, but he didn’t need to do so anymore, because history was demanding of him to assume the role the people of Honduras elected him for.


Romeo Vasquez was in charge of the military coup, the court to cover-up and Micheletti to take power.  It was that simple.


Zelaya never was removed constitutionally. There is not such a thing on the Constitution of Honduras. Mr. Zelaya never nominated himself for reelection neither anyone ever nominated him for reelection. The reelection of Mr. Zelaya is a pathetic speculation and a lie. Such reelection preparations never happen.


Mr. Zelaya never proposes, not even verbally, to change any of the fossil Constitutional articles. Maybe he didn’t like one of two of them, but that is never a proposal.


There is no basis to accuse Mr. Zelaya of anything. If the Supreme Court would follow the Law then that would be its conclusion. If the Congress would study the case then that would be its conclusion.


No one is obligated to follow an illegal sentence coming from anywhere in the government. The Constitution says so. Mr. Zelaya was not bond to obey none of those illegal sentences by the lower Court of Letters and the Contentious Administrative.


One of the biggest lies is to say that the Supreme Court removed president Zelaya from his post. That fact never happens and that sentence does not exist. The Supreme Court never removed president Zelaya from his post, never.


The Supreme Court only approved the subjective speculations of the Attorney General, who asked for the military coup in a form of a military arrest. But the Court was never obeyed. The arrest never happened, instead the army made decisions on their own against the Constitution and ignoring the Supreme Court expatriated Mr. Zelaya.


Is all this mess a constitutional and lawful procedure of “succession” according to the Honduran Constitution? No! it isn’t.


Mr. Zelaya was a victim of an irresponsible military coup and anti-constitutionally expatriation from Honduras. What do these people have in their minds to say that those actions are constitutional and legal? The Supreme Court does not follow the law, but other people in Honduras cannot ponder the facts and read the Constitution to discover that what the coupsters did is totally illegal and anti-constitutional?


Micheletti is a spurious and illegal president of Honduras.


            Micheletti was elected by a corrupt Congress that never made an investigation of their own on this case, that accepted, without any questioning, a still mysterious letter of resignation by Mr. Zelaya, that did not see that the Supreme Court was not following the Law, that accepted blindly anything against Mr. Zelaya with the stubborn purpose of disapproving him. What kind of credibility has this Congress?


The imposition of Mr. Micheletti is totally anti-constitutional.


Congress could disapprove Mr. Zelaya, but never to remove him from his position. That is illegal. The Supreme Court never made a sentence removing Mr. Zelaya from his post, because there was no cause for that sentence and the Congress one day after the Constitution was violated with the expatriation of Mr. Zelaya decides to remove him from his post

Are these guys clowns? Do they know anything about their responsibilities?  


Every document that reaches Congress must be studied and debated publicly to approve it. Did they do so when they made their irresponsible decision on June 29Th. They didn’t do it on December 2nd either. The whole world saw how their minds were made blind with documents in their hands, this time, and without them on June 29th.  Their decision is identically irresponsible. That is not democratic neither democracy. Not even mention professional.



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